Meet Rebel – Our #1 Stud Dog

Meet Rebel – Our #1 Stud Dog

Dog Training and Breeding of Unparalleled Quality

Rehberger's Bird Dogs trains and breeds one of the finest dogs in Brainerd, Minnesota. We provide service outside of the MN area as well.

Thank you for visiting our site, we truly appreciate it.

You will see as you go through our site that Rehberger’s Bird Dogs is a full service kennel. Yes, I train obedience, hunting skills: upland game, waterfowl and antler sheds, breed for puppies and offer dogs for stud. And, again yes, I do train dogs other than the hunting breeds.

What is my passion?
I really enjoy training gun dogs, dogs that retrieve, for the average to avid hunter. Dogs that will go to the field, marsh, lake and woods and hunt for you all day long if you desire. And yet, come home and lay on the rug or the chair you select. What will these dogs hunt? Our dogs can be trained to hunt anything from tennis balls, shed antlers to game birds and beyond. The Kellogg / Helm’s Point lines of Labradors have been bred to: hunt, point and retrieve to hand and have made very intelligent, friendly companions since 1922.

Note: Although many of our puppies have the natural instict to point. We do have Labs and other breeds at our kennel that are not pointing dogs - it is where I began as a youth dog owner and trainer. I do not ever see myself not working with “Flushers”, I truly love them and always will.

Take a look at my future blog on Pointing Labs. Do you know, you can breed two great pointing Labs and get a puppy or two that will never point or you can breed two flushing Labs and maybe get a pup that at 6-8 weeks of age, points everything from small birds, chipmunks and even the neighbor’s cat.

Please feel free to access the websites in the sidebar of several of our pages. Aside from my blog information, both Pheasants Forever and Ducks Unlimited have great info on dogs and training.

If you delve into the blog, you will begin to determine why all of this is possible. We are excited you have chosen to take a look at Rehberger's Bird Dogs, and hope you will search through the website to learn more about the quality dogs we have to offer.