John Rehberger started working with hunting dogs, several breeds, at an early age. John’s father was a crazy, avid bird hunter, dog owner and trap shooter.

My father had a friend that kept and trained dogs for several affluent and avid bird hunters. We spent a lot of time at Ray Klein’s Kennel working his dogs and ours, and it was great. Ray would often tell me I was the best bird boy he’d ever had, and I was very proud to be told so.

John had the bird hunting fever at an early age and learned to really appreciate how valuable a good bird dog is.

It’s always been the ultimate rush to watch the dog you trained; work up, mark and retrieve to hand, the game you just harvested. Having a good dog led me to more trips afield, friends and friends of friends would invite me on trips if I would bring my dog. What did that lead me to, a better dog? The more experience a hunter/trainer and good dog gets, the better they get.

Soon John was helping others train their dogs, buying puppies with good lines to train and sell and hunting the entire fall season. John was truly living his dream.

John Rehberger's Red Fox Hunting Labradors

Finally, he decided to research and find an already established, good and proven line of Labrador Retrievers. He picked the Kellogg and Helm’s Point lines.  It has turned out to be a very good choice; the pups are beautiful and they turn out to be dogs he can be proud of.  Not only are they superior hunters, but the other nine to ten months of the year, they are great to be around, take fishing or whatever you do when not hunting.

If you are looking for a puppy that will make you smile and a Labrador to be proud of, you’re at the spot. Take a good look.

If it’s a versatile hunting partner you are looking for, one that is a retriever first and foremost and combine pointing instincts, and you will find the pleasurable  experience of  hunting with the pointing Labrador.